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tackle in American football topic

tackletackle2 noun  1 [countable] a) DFan attempt to take the ball from an opponent in a game such as football b) DSan attempt to stop an opponent by forcing them to the ground, especially in American football or rugby2 [countable]DSA a player in American football who stops other players by tackling them or preventing them from moving forward3 [uncountable]DSEQUIPMENT the equipment used in some sports and activities, especially fishing4 [countable, uncountable]TTT ropes and pulleys (=wheels) used for lifting heavy things5 [uncountable] British English informalSYHBH a man’s sexual organs
Examples from the Corpus
tackleThe change also means McGlockton can play as a tackle again instead of moving outside, a spot where he felt uncomfortable.Testaverde later scrambled for 12 yards, breaking tackles with Steve Young-like dexterity.At least three critical tackles were missed last week.Tuggle annually makes a ton of tackles.He wasn't injured by the tackle, just ruined by running in unremitting heat.