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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishend zoneˈend zone noun [countable]  DSAone of the areas at each end of an American football field where you carry or catch the ball to score
Examples from the Corpus
end zoneA mere two minutes passed before Cooks was celebrating again in the end zone, this time after a 32-yard punt return.He also fumbled in the end zone to give Seattle a touchdown.What is that guy doing out there, diving into the end zone?As the clock ran down to zero, Harris ran down the sideline into the end zone.But as Rice tumbled into the end zone, he landed awkwardly.Kirby cut back toward the center of the field, and safety Devin Bush kept him out of the end zone.Then, in a new twist, the Raiders actually reached the end zone.Black completed the next drive with a 28-yard run, breaking two tackles before reaching the end zone.