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huddlehuddle2 noun [countable]  1 GROUP OF PEOPLEa group of people or things that are close together, but not arranged in any particular order, pattern, or systemhuddle of a huddle of straw huts Huddles of men stood around talking.2 DSAa group of players in American football who gather around one player who tells them the plan for the next part of the game3 get/go into a huddle
Examples from the Corpus
huddleAs each question is asked each team goes into a huddle and then writes down its answer.Gwendolen loses her composure and huddles in terror.They talked in a close huddle and every so often would both turn round and look at me.He talks incessantly, in huddles with Jason and his solicitor and junior counsel.Nabers asks the seniors to come up with a cheer to break the huddle.With 16 seconds left, and no timeouts remaining, Starr stepped into the huddle for the last call.Mariucci noted the huddle could look strange with Rudolph standing with the other linemen.Cops in twos and threes huddle, lightly tap their thighs with night sticks and smile at me with benevolence.huddle ofBotwood was a huddle of small houses around a small harbor.