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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishldoce_289_dsafetysafe‧ty /ˈseɪfti/ ●●● S2 W2 noun (plural safeties)  1 not in danger [uncountable]SAFE when someone or something is safe from danger or harmsafety of measures to improve the health and safety of employeesin safety We were able to watch the lions in complete safety.for safety For safety, always climb with a partner. You shouldn’t travel alone, for safety’s sake. For your own safety, please do not smoke inside the plane.2 harmful/not harmful [uncountable]SAFE how safe something is to use, do etcsafety of Campaigners have challenged the safety of genetically modified foods.safety standards/regulations/precautions etc (=things that are done in order to make sure that something is safe) The device meets safety standards. Lower speed limits are part of a new road safety campaign.3 somebody’s safety4 safe place [uncountable]SAFE a place where you are safe from dangersafety of Thirty thousand people fled to the safety of the capital.get/lead/drag etc somebody to safety Firefighters led the children to safety. They reached safety seconds before the bomb went off.5 there is safety in numbers6 sport [countable]DSA a way of getting two points in American football by making the other team put the ball down in its own goal7 gun [countable] American English a lock on a gun that stops anyone from shooting it by accident syn safety catch British English8 safety harness/helmet/glasses etcCOLLOCATIONSMeanings 1,2 & 3adjectivesADJECTIVES/NOUN + safety public safetyThe police must put public safety first.personal safetyShe didn’t seem to care about her own personal safety.road safety (=for people driving and walking on roads)Extra lighting would improve road safety in this area.food safety (=how safe food is to eat)New food safety laws say that sandwiches for sale in shops must be kept refrigerated.safety + NOUNsafety standards (=official rules designed to make something safe)He claims safety standards on ferries are still not high enough.safety regulations (=rules designed to make something safe)She was sold an electric fire that broke all the safety regulations.safety equipmentYour employer should provide the necessary safety equipment.a safety measure (=something that is done to make something safe)New safety measures have been introduced after two horses died in last year’s race.a safety hazard (=something which may be dangerous)The firing range is poorly designed and poses a significant safety hazard.a safety record (=figures showing how safe or unsafe something has been in the past)The aircraft has a good safety record.health and safety (=things that are done to prevent people becoming ill or having accidents during an activity)The Agency’s function is to promote health and safety at work.verbsimprove safetyNew plans have been announced to improve safety on the railways.ensure/guarantee somebody’s safetyThere were few laws or regulations to ensure the safety of workers.fear for somebody’s safety (=be afraid that they will not be safe)They fear for the safety of relatives they have left behind.phrasesfor your own safetyHe had been kept in custody for his own safety.for safety reasons (also for safety’s sake) (=in order to make something safe)For safety reasons visitors won’t be able to go down the tunnels.as a safety precaution (=in order to prevent accidents from happening, when this is possible but not very likely)A fence was put around the lake as a safety precaution.
Examples from the Corpus
safetySafety needs to be improved on all our railways.All employees will be issued with a health and safety handbook.For programs affecting the health and safety of the entire population a single average value serves well.Judges will consider overall design, safety, level of fun and how the playground caters for children with disabilities.Our planes are regularly serviced, so that passengers can be sure they are travelling in safety.Our job is to maintain safety on the streets.They look at hundreds of safety points every 3 months.All this is supposed to guarantee a sense of safety, but after Mr Safra's death, the image is threatened.For your own safety, please do not smoke until you are outside the plane.By the time the men reached safety, they were exhausted and half starved.All children should be taught road safety from an early age.We handle many chemicals that require special safety precautions.For the safety of the public, this man must be caught.There is concern over the safety of silicone breast implants.She finally reached the safety of the shelter.She rushed back to the safety of her own house.A film cameraman was airlifted to safety yesterday after being trapped inside a volcano for two days.The firefighters carried the children to safety.in safetyWe need to know that we can send our children to school in safety.reached safetyThe ill man had reached safety and the evacuation had begun successfully.He swam at least 3 miles before he reached safetyThey reached safety seconds before the cafe was engulfed in flames.