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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishamphibiousam‧phib‧i‧ous /æmˈfɪbiəs/ adjective  1 HBAable to live both on land and in water amphibious creatures2 amphibious vehicle3 amphibious operation/force/assault
Examples from the Corpus
amphibiousMost species of frogs are amphibious.The effectiveness of rapid amphibious and air-transported intervention as a deterrent to predator states had been clearly demonstrated.Ross previously was assigned as executive officer of the amphibious assault ship Essex.The case for the Navy's amphibious capability was being made by events.Two other such joint exercises, involving marine and amphibious forces, were already scheduled to start on Aug. 3.At best the amphibious raiders might have panoramic shots from aerial reconnaissance, or be given a flight over the target beach.Dinosaurs were probably the first ancestors of amphibious reptiles and fish.Just before deploying aboard the amphibious ship Essex in October 1996, Smith and the woman went to Tijuana and got married.Hundreds of sailors and Marines yesterday loaded supplies and equipment aboard the amphibious ships.On Saturday morning, dozens of amphibious vehicles and air-cushion landing craft ferried men and tanks on to military-designated Red Beach.