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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishantelopean‧te‧lope /ˈæntələʊp $ ˈæntəl-oʊp/ noun [countable]  HBAan animal with long horns that can run very fast and is very graceful
Examples from the Corpus
antelopeSmall forest antelopes are selective feeders and, as a consequence, are solitary and monogamous.The other, the four-horned antelope, is far stranger in appearance.Across the plain, a herd of antelope ran, and then pivoted all at once like a school of fish.It is willing and able to feed on a variety of prey species, up to the size of antelopes.A small antelope races away into the bush.Verreaux eagle owl is also an occasional predator of small antelopes.He gave us the buffalo, the antelope, and the deer for food and clothing.And oh but when they danced and sometimes they danced the antelope.