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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englisharmadilloar‧ma‧dil‧lo /ˌɑːməˈdɪləʊ $ ˌɑːrməˈdɪloʊ/ noun (plural armadillos) [countable]  HBAa small animal that has a shell made of hard material, and lives in parts of North and South America
Examples from the Corpus
armadilloThe road yaws out in front of us, and it is clear that yet another armadillo has been chucked overboard.Several years ago there was a fine armadillo whose body consisted of automobile tires of various sizes.I remember him in Zoo Quest bringing down a fleeing armadillo with a rugby tackle.For decades the road remained a quiet spot for armadillo, quail, and gopher.He must distinguish snakes from eels, tortoises from armadillos, on the basis of the bones presented to him.I can not look at another zebra, another wildebeest, and certainly no more armadillos!So why are some fellow Republicans acting as if Bush were a rabid armadillo?The most impressive of all the armadillo species, when responding to attack, is the three-banded.