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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbaboonba‧boon /bəˈbuːn $ bæ-/ noun [countable]  baboon.jpg HBAa large monkey that lives in Africa and South Asia
Examples from the Corpus
baboonHe's got all this thick black hair like a baboon.Presumably, these relatively open habitats favored larger groups as they did for chimps and baboons, the two other open-country primates.There was the wig, too, mixed yak and baboon hair and synthetic fibers.They can also help one another to defeat an attack by rival male baboons that are attempting to take over their shared females.But unlike the peripheral baboons, who are physically controlled by the dominant ones, the peripheral men are not powerless.Since receiving the baboon marrow, Getty has had moderate increases in his immune cell numbers, Deeks said.Young baboons are reared in social units of complex structure.