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barkbark2 ●●○ noun  1 HBADHP[countable] the sharp loud sound made by a dog2 HBP[uncountable] the outer covering of a tree3 C[countable] a loud sound or voice Amy’s voice was a hoarse bark.4 somebody’s bark is worse than their bite
Examples from the Corpus
barkWood and bark Wood and bark are essential constituents of a vast number of instruments.The slow, languid monologue was followed by yips, then by barks, and more howls.Their inner bark was used to cure frostbite.Despite appearances, its bark is definitely worse than its bite.Guilt, cosmic guilt, stains the knobbly bark.Flat nostrils opened in the bark of its face.the bark of the gunsThe bark beetle in this tree does not kill them, unless they are going to die anyway.Black too is a color, and the deep ridges of persimmon tree bark are an almost-black striated with dark gray.