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ldoce_019_cbearbear2 ●●○ noun [countable]  1 black_bear.jpg HBAa large strong animal with thick fur, that eats flesh, fruit, and insects a mother bear and her cubs grizzly bear, polar bear, teddy bear2 American English informal something that is very difficult to do or to deal with The chemistry test was a bear.3 be like a bear with a sore head4 BFS technical someone who sells shares or goods when they expect the price to fallbull
Examples from the Corpus
bearZeus got after her one morning in the guise of a brown bear.With few bears and wolves about these days, elk rule their forest habitat.Barnett replied drily that Davis's best option was to feed the gingerbread to his bears.Also pictured with funnyman Les is Barnardos' best-known bear and official mascot, Barnaby.The federal estate tax form is a real bear to fill out.Buy teddy bear wrapping paper for decorations.After three weeks out in the field Skipper looked like an overgrown teddy bear.Visitors to the park are warned not to feed the bears.Giraffes and upstanding bears are more popular than snakes, rats and spiders.