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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbellybel‧ly1 /ˈbeli/ ●●○ noun (plural bellies) [countable]  1 PERSON a) HBHyour stomach a full belly b) British EnglishHBH the front part of your body between your chest and your legs syn abdomen She was lying on her belly.2 ANIMALHBAthe middle part of an animal’s body, near its stomach3 OBJECTDT literary a curved or rounded part of an object the belly of a plane4 black-bellied/fat-bellied/big-bellied etc5 go belly up beer belly, potbelly
Examples from the Corpus
bellyEverybody should go home with full bellies tonight.She lay on her belly in the long grass.Protruding from his belly was an ugly purple scar.Half way up the drive, Wayne started pawing his belly and rolling the whites of his eyes.I had scored, but no football in my belly at the end, just six points.I lay on my stomach, on his bed, a white gym-towel under my belly.He kicked Charlie in the belly as soon as they got out of the car.the belly of an airplaneYour belly is very furry and quite sweet.