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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbisonbi‧son /ˈbaɪsən/ noun (plural bison or bisons) [countable]  bison.jpg HBAan animal like a large cow, with hair on its head and shouldersbuffalo
Examples from the Corpus
bisonHer left hand rests on her belly, while the right holds a bison horn marked with thirteen lines.They come in the shape of a bear, an eagle and the head of a bison.The tree regenerates elsewhere, where there are bison and wild cattle or even domestic buffaloes and cattle.The Yellowstone herd, which is directly descended from those last surviving bison, is of particular spiritual importance to those tribes.The bison hair must be twisted into a rope for securing prisoners.The bison trainer married Margaret Lesher late last year, a few months after meeting her at a rodeo.Even the United States government maintains a herd of about twelve thousand wild bison.Guilty of assault with bison entrails Billings, Mont.