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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbivalvebi‧valve /ˈbaɪvælv/ noun [countable]  HBA technical any sea animal that has two shells joined together bivalve molluscs
Examples from the Corpus
bivalveThe same piece of rock also includes internal moulds of gastropods and bivalves.Scallops, like oysters, are derived from bivalves.The giant bivalves jammed the cracks between the black tufts of lava that covered the ocean floor.Most bivalve fossils are a few centimetres long; the ideal size for collecting.What is true of bivalves is without much doubt true of the majority of benthic invertebrates.In spite of their general conservatism the bivalves did produce some short-lived, bizarre forms with no living survivors.Of the two, the bivalve molluscs are much the most significant in the sea today.