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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbloodstreamblood‧stream /ˈblʌdstriːm/ noun [countable usually singular]  HBHthe blood flowing in your body The drug is injected directly into the bloodstream.
Examples from the Corpus
bloodstreamAs the bourbon flowed into my bloodstream, I began to warm to the occasion.I follow the light energy through my muscles, my bloodstream, renovating every cell.This would constitute direct contact between the bloodstreams of the two people.It spreads quickly once inside the victim and is soon being circulated in the bloodstream.It is one of several hormones that hit peak levels in the bloodstream in early adulthood and then decline steadily.The virus disappeared from their bloodstream, and their depressive symptoms diminished, Ludwig found.Because the drugs circulate around your body through your bloodstream, they affect all your cells.