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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbrainwavebrain‧wave /ˈbreɪnweɪv/ ●○○ noun [countable]  1 IDEA British English a sudden clever idea syn brainstorm American English I’ve had a brainwave! Let’s go this weekend instead.see thesaurus at idea2 HBHan electrical force that is produced by the brain and that can be measured
Examples from the Corpus
brainwaveHe might get a brainwave during school, or he might end up selling it to Desperate Dan.But then he had a brainwave.Unless someone comes up with a brainwave soon, I can't see how we can possible get out of this mess.Clark then wrote up the experiment, which appeared to confirm his initial brainwave, and submitted it to Nature.Yet that is exactly what the Prime Minister seemed to be doing when he unveiled his latest brainwave.It had been Arthur's brainwave in the night; they must know Clare's second name, and address.Bibby's brainwave for Badger's bins Redundant storage bins at Wilton have a new use - as havens for badgers.She tensed, struck by a sudden brainwave.