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bristlebristle2 verb [intransitive]  1 ANGRYANNOYto behave in a way that shows you are very angry or annoyedbristle with rage/indignation etc John pushed back his chair, bristling with rage.bristle at He bristled at her rudeness.2 HBAANGRYFRIGHTENEDif an animal’s hair bristles, it stands up stiffly because the animal is afraid or angry bristle with something→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
bristleHe scratched a bite on his arm and the little hairs bristled.The more your manager pours praise and perks upon you, the more your friends will bristle.She especially bristled at attacks on Rep.It bristled with hand-stitched leather, walnut fascia and electronic instruments.Dacourt joined us a few minutes later, his white moustache bristling with importance, his face a little more puce.It bristles with intention and has much excellent playing, particularly from the leader.bristle atTeachers bristled at the criticism of their school.