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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbuckbuck1 /bʌk/ noun [countable]  1 MONEYdollar informal a US, Canadian, or Australian dollar He owes me ten bucks. The movie is about a group of men trying to make a buck (=earn some money) as male strippers.big/mega bucks (=a lot of money) Using celebrities in advertising is guaranteed to pull in big bucks.make a fast/quick buck (=make some money quickly, often dishonestly)2 the buck stops here3 pass the buck4 feel/look like a million bucks5 MALE ANIMALanimalHBA (plural buck or bucks) a male rabbit, deer, and some other male animalsdoe6 FASHIONABLEman old-fashioned a young man (get) a bigger/better etc bang for your buck at bang1(5)
Examples from the Corpus
buckBet 10 bucks on some 20-year-olds.For 100 bucks an ounce, you can stink like us.Fallow deer, he says, are less pricey - a buck will fetch around £4-500, a doe about £80-90.I had to sell it for what I could get, which was five bucks, and start hitchhiking home.But a million bucks was a million bucks.A couple of the older bucks are very dark with fine, wide antlers.That means forgetting about the quick bucks to be made from selling nuclear technology.Could I borrow ten bucks?I'd moved my head far too quickly for it to look natural, and the buck shot off up the bank.make a fast/quick buckOthers would prefer just to fuel the war - and make a quick buck at the same time.Wouldn't you like to make a quick buck, Derek?I think people go out to make a fast buck without worrying about the consequences.Of course no bright young thing who wants to make a quick buck would consider going into the ministry.