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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbull terrierˌbull ˈterrier noun [countable]  HBADHPa strong short-haired dog pit bull terrier
Examples from the Corpus
bull terrierWhere once a Chanel handbag or bull terrier would have done, the fashionable woman now holds a smiling child.High Road has tackled all kinds of issues from pit bull terrier fighting to cot death in order to illuminate character.Their Staffordshire bull terrier Bodger was destroyed after the attack in their home at Lee-on-Solent, Portsmouth.Fruity Fred the bull terrier took a fancy to the leggy lovely and thought he'd try his luck.The bull terrier at once left off lapping water from its baking dish and went and put its head on her knee.It was a portrait of the white bull terrier, executed with incredible precision.