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burrowburrow2 noun [countable]  HBAHOLEa passage in the ground made by an animal such as a rabbit or fox as a place to live
Examples from the Corpus
burrowUnderfoot, a soggy tiger-trap of a burrow roof gives in like brown sugar.In 1951, some nesting burrows, occupied, were found on islets near Castle Roads.From the parental burrow Leadville was so far away it was only half real.During the day they retreat into shallow burrows a few centimetres below the ground.They are largely nocturnal, spending their days either down the burrows or out at sea gliding on stiff wings.You think it's bad here in the burrow?Then it stays in the burrow alone, visited only at feeding times, for nearly two months.The swallows dig their burrows here in the sand every year.