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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcalfcalf /kɑːf $ kæf/ ●●○ noun (plural calves /kɑːvz $ kævz/) [countable]  1 calf.jpg the part of the back of your leg between your knee and your ankle2 HBAthe baby of a cow, or of some other large animals, such as an elephant3 be in/with calf kill the fatted calf at kill1(15)
Examples from the Corpus
calfHow many more calves will she be able to bear?Juanito was ready for him, and the Kalashnikov crashed down at Trent's calf.George Williams played his first game after suffering from a strained calf muscle and quite clearly didn't have his full movement.When she finishes with the calf she puts down the bottle and goes to the console, frowning at the text.Then, work on your calves and ankles so you are ready to concentrate on more advanced leg exercises.