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callcall2 ●●● S1 W1 noun  1 TELEPHONEtelephone [countable] when you speak to someone on the telephonecall for Were there any phone calls for me while I was out?call from I received a call from an old friend last week. It’s cheaper to make calls after 6 pm. I’ll give you a call at the weekend.2 be on call3 SHOUT/CRYshout/cry [countable] a) HBAHBPa loud sound that a bird or animal makes syn crycall of the call of an owl b) SHOUTa shout that you make to get someone’s attention4 visit [countable]VISIT a visit, especially for a particular reason Sorry, Doctor Pugh is out on a call at the moment.pay/make a call (on somebody) (=visit someone)5 request/order [countable]ORDER/SEQUENCE a request or order for something or for someone to do something Members obediently answered the calls for funds.call for somebody to do something There have been calls for the secretary to resign.a call to arms (=an order for people to fight against an enemy)6 DECISIONdecision a) DS[countable] the decision made by a referee in a sports gamemake a good/bad call There may have been a few bad calls, but they’re making them for a reason. b) DECIDE[singular] informal a decision Don’t just say what you think I would like. It’s your call.make a call (=decide something)an easy/hard call (=an easy or difficult decision)judgment call (=a decision based on your personal judgment of a situation) 7 there isn’t much call for something8 there is no call for something9 TTAat an airportPLANE [countable] a message announced at an airport that a particular plane will soon leave This is the last call for flight BA872 to Moscow.10 have first call on something11 the call of something12 the call of nature be at somebody’s beck and call at beck(1), → port of call, roll-call, wake-up callCOLLOCATIONSverbsmake a callHe made a few calls and then went out.give somebody a call (=phone someone)I’ll give him a call later today.get/have a call (also receive a call formal)At 11 in the evening we got a call from the police.there is/was a callThere was a phone call for you.answer a callWe’re sorry that we cannot answer your call right now.take a call (=answer one)Monica took the call upstairs.return somebody’s call (=call someone after they have tried to call you)I left a message for her but she didn’t return my call.expect a callShe’s expecting a phone call from Matt.transfer a call (=connect one to another person’s phone)The call was transferred to his secretary.put through a call (=transfer or make one)She asked the switchboard to put the call through.ADJECTIVES/NOUN + calla phone/telephone callI had a phone call from Barbara in Australia.a quick callThis is just a quick call to make sure you’re OK.a local call Local calls are free at weekends.a long-distance callI’d like to make a long-distance call. an international calla collect call American English (=one paid for by the person who receives it)Can I make a collect call to Florida, please?incoming/outgoing calls (=coming into or going out of a place)You have to dial 9 first to make an outgoing call.an emergency call (=to the police, fire service, or ambulance service)The police normally respond immediately to an emergency call.a hoax call (=one intended to trick someone)They received a hoax call warning of a bomb in the building.an anonymous call (=in which the caller does not give their name)The £10,000 demand was made in an anonymous call to his home.a crank call (=made by someone you do not know, as a joke or to annoy you)The heavy breathing sounded like a crank call.
Examples from the Corpus
callHe remained calm, made a call and forked out $ 700 of his own money for a plane ticket.a call for helpTaking a long-distance call still causes a certain turbulence here.Ambulances try to arrive within eight minutes of an emergency call.This is the last call for flight 372 to Atlanta.Have there been many calls?Phone call from Education Office, re. dinner money summary sheets.Investigators responded to the two locations after they received calls of suspicious packages in the mail.Weiss has failed to return calls seeking comment.When you play at your opponent's court, the calls tend to go against you.This is an unobtrusive way of keeping expensive unofficial calls to the minimum.As a result, there are fewer circuits open for regular voice calls.call forLeaders in both parties are calling for changes in campaign finance laws.Amnesty International has consistently called for the release of political prisoners.The Times crossword calls for a certain amount of literary knowledge.Launching a new product is a highly complicated business, and careful planning is called for.It was a tricky situation that called for a lot of diplomacy.I hear that you two are getting married. This calls for a celebration.The Football Association is likely to call for a ban on alcohol at football games.call ofthe distinctive call of the hyenapay/make a call (on somebody)He remained calm, made a call and forked out $ 700 of his own money for a plane ticket.She offered me a number I could ring in Chicago to make a claim for making a call to Chicago.A job seeker used that tactic when he made a call to Miller recently.But one winter evening, Charles Henstock paid a call upon his friend Harold Shoosmith.And then one night, one bright and starlit night, a true free dragon came by to pay a call.Having met his hero one evening at a small gathering, he was invited to pay a call the following week.Another out-of-town visitor paid a call last month.This will show you just how much you can save on your bill if you make calls out of peak periods.a call to armsBut Kennan stopped short of a call to arms.Even after the Czech coup, however, Congress was not willing to respond wholeheartedly to a call to arms.It was a call to arms for a politics that wishes a farewell to arms.Poets might construe that as a call to arms against a culture of minute-to-minute rush and bottom lines.Such a call to arms was, in fact, a necessity for a band in their career situation.This is widely understood as a call to arms to defend the movement against a takeover by Mr Klaus.an easy/hard callOpen admissions was an easy call for the Left and the Right; for liberals, it was torment.For David Smith, the way to use new digital channels was an easy call.Inside the Vatican, it was an easy call.Politically, that was an easy call for the Likud Party leader.