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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcanineca‧nine1 /ˈkeɪnaɪn, ˈkæ- $ ˈkeɪ-/ adjective  HBArelating to dogs canine diseases her loyal canine friend
Examples from the Corpus
canineNot content with ravaging postmen, our canine friends, it seems, now rate runners' legs high on the menu.Meye etal reported that tight junctions in the canine gastric mucosa were significantly damaged by exposure to aspirin.Studies document canine harassment of plovers.But they continue to fight like a pair of miniature canine Kendo warriors.On the following day, I went to a big market where canine meat was sold.Using its long canine teeth, it can neatly nip fins or remove the eyes of its tankmates.a police canine unitThese qualities serve Boy well in the course of his canine wanderings.