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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcarapacecar‧a‧pace /ˈkærəpeɪs/ noun [countable] technical  HBAa hard shell on the outside of some animals such as a crab or tortoise syn shell
Examples from the Corpus
carapaceThere are other, less dangerous and difficult ways to shed the cluttered carapace of house.How the sly one squeaked, howled, sizzled, hissed, and swelled his hairy carapace!Its carapace measured only four inches.They are strange little creatures with a shell-like carapace and clinging feeler-like attachments.No one, not even Challenger, would see what lay beneath its stony carapace.Between catwalks loomed the stooped carapaces of the Titans.The grenade left his grip at almost the same moment as another beam struck him full across the carapace, cracking it.The carapace of the vent crab is porcelain white suffused with lavender, the claws manicured black at the tips.