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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishchowchow1 /tʃaʊ/ noun  1 chow.jpg [uncountable] old-fashioned informalFOOD food I ordered some chow and sat down.2 [countable] (also chow chow)HBA a type of dog with long thick fur that first came from China
Examples from the Corpus
chowPlenty of booze and chow round out the celebration, considered the grandaddy of July Fourth blasts.The M-16, the. 45 Colt, the ammunition, the backpack of water canisters and chow.At a surprise meeting before evening chow, he announced his retirement to Saigon and introduced his replacement, Major Williams.I joined Resler and the rest of the pilots going over to the compound for chow.When I do get a stab at some groovy chow, what's happened to it, man?And what do I get for my chow?The system was fed, and those vans brought in the chow.They don't serve anything fancy, just lots of good wholesome chow.