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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcold-bloodedˌcold-ˈblooded adjective  1 CRUELnot showing or involving any emotions or pity for other people’s suffering a cold-blooded killer cold-blooded murdersee thesaurus at cruel2 HBa cold-blooded animal, such as a snake, has a body temperature that changes with the temperature of the air or ground around itwarm-bloodedcold-bloodedly adverbcold-bloodedness noun [uncountable]
Examples from the Corpus
cold-bloodedI couldn't do anything so ridiculous as streaking cold-blooded!Rune had already demonstrated to her that he was far from cold-blooded.Apparently their rhythm depended on their body temperature, which is to be expected in cold-blooded animals.Overcrowded with 100,000 cold-blooded bees, the hive had become a warm-blooded organism.Prosecutors say the brothers are cold-blooded killers.The honey-bush employs the cold-blooded lizards as its thermometers instead.The entire nation has been shocked by the cold-blooded murder of the two girls.a cold-blooded murdererProfessor Herbert argues that such an arrangement is neither cold-blooded nor out of keeping for a family.Its cold-blooded use by cops facing no threat to themselves is plainly inhumane.cold-blooded murderItem - Gaveston had hated Lady Eleanor, and he, so Corbett secretly believed, was capable of cold-blooded murder.Not a man with a strong nerve, and certainly on the surface not one who could carry out a cold-blooded murder.The alternative is a cold-blooded murder as we described before.For treachery and cold-blooded murder it has seldom been surpassed.The cold-blooded murder of a hospitalisation case has aroused great public indignation.A memory came back to haunt him: the cold-blooded murder of a soldier on a bleak snow-covered hillside.