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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcoltcolt /kəʊlt $ koʊlt/ noun [countable]  1 colt.jpg HBAa young male horsefilly2 [usually plural] British English a member of a sports team for young people our colts team
Examples from the Corpus
coltA black horse was galloping down it, frisking his back legs like a colt.The spring grass can transform a model of mature stability into a clowning colt.Forbes said although nothing was physically wrong with Tale of the Cat, the 3-year-old colt appeared stiff.It sometimes happens that yearling or two-year-old colts show signs of aggression, and treat people like an inferior horse.Ladbrokes had quoted Francois Boutin's colt at 40-1 but have now taken him out of their list.He was one of Ibn Fayoud's colts and apparently bone idle.Nakatani is expected to contend that an existing injury, not his whipping, caused the colt to break down.Cash Asmussen is likely to be on board the unbeaten colt.