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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishconnective tissueconˈnective ˌtissue noun [uncountable]  HBparts of the body such as muscle or fat that exist between or join organs and other body parts
Examples from the Corpus
connective tissueA portion of the tail of the pancreas was then quickly excised, trimmed of adipose and connective tissue and used immediately.Heart tissue has a complex architecture that includes blood vessels and connective tissue, as well as muscle cells.None had connective tissue disease then or in the follow up period.Macrophage: a large scavenger cell present in connective tissue and in many major organs and tissues.I was tired between synapses and in the connective tissue of organs.Meanwhile, studies published in the Western Journal of Medicine found no evidence linking implants with connective tissue diseases.Most patients affected have been young women with connective tissue disorders who receive aspirin regularly in high dosage.