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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcougarcou‧gar /ˈkuːɡə, -ɡɑː $ -ɡər, -ɡɑːr/ noun [countable]  1 cougar.jpg HBAa large brown wild cat from the mountains of western North America and South America syn mountain lion2 American English informal an older woman in a romantic or sexual relationship with a younger man
Examples from the Corpus
cougarThese include the grizzly bear, cougar, wolverine, wolf, coyote, and bald and golden eagles.In California, cougars routinely are killed when deemed a danger to people or livestock.Nothing was paved, little was fenced; the forests were full of cougars and the streams full of fish.The measure is the latest chapter in a long battle over the status of the cougar in California.In former times the cougar was more abundant than at present...The cougar prevailed a little longer, though its bounty in Connecticut was last paid in 1769.The cougar, however, still could be restored.