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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcowcow1 /kaʊ/ ●●● S2 noun [countable]  1 cow.jpg HBAa large female animal that is kept on farms and used to produce milk or meatbull2 HBAa male or female animal of this typebull a herd of cows3 HBAthe female of some large animals, such as the elephant or the whalebull4 UNPLEASANT British English spoken not polite an offensive word for a woman who you think is stupid or unpleasant5 have a cow6 till the cows come home cash cow, mad cow disease, sacred cowCOLLOCATIONStypes of cow dairy cows (=kept for their milk)He keeps a herd of dairy cows.beef cows (=kept for their meat)They are a well-known breed of beef cow.verbsmilk a cow (=get the milk from a cow)Once a day, the cows are brought in to be milked.a cow moos (=makes a long low sound)I could hear cows mooing in the barn.a cow grazes (=eats the grass)Cows were grazing peacefully in the meadows.a cow calves (=produces a calf, a young cow)At this time of year the cows are calving.phrasesa herd of cows (=a group that are together somewhere)We had to wait while a farmer brought a herd of cows across the bridge.
Examples from the Corpus
cowArizona Game and Fish is offering a $ 500 reward for information on a cow elk poaching near Payson about April 17.Suet, I believe, is cow fat.This part of West London seemed like the country to me, with none of the disadvantages, no cows or farmers.a field full of cowsAs the cows waited for their turn, the milk fell in drops on the ground.