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crestcrest1 /krest/ noun [countable]  1 TOPthe top or highest point of something such as a hill or a wavecrest of It took us over an hour to reach the crest of the hill.2 SIGN/SYMBOLa special picture that is used as a sign of a family, town, school, or organizationcoat of armsschool/family crest3 HBBHBAa group of feathers that stick up on the top of a bird’s head exotic birds with colourful crests4 PMADECORATEa decoration of long bright feathers that soldiers wore in the past on top of their hats5 be on/riding the crest of a wave
Examples from the Corpus
crestBooker Washington, riding a crest of popularity, taunted Turner with statistics.The vast curling crest of the hurricane reared over them, and its face stretched from horizon to horizon.writing paper with the family crestAccompanying the expanded domain of r4 expression, neural crest cells migrating from this region also express r4 markers.the Pacific Crest TrailHere the way ran along the crest of a bank which skirted the Lake.Up Zion Hill and at the crest, Isaac was nowhere to be seen.Just beyond the crest they will tend to accumulate, for the effect of the wind is felt less here.There's a trail up there that follows the length of the crest.When I reached the crest of the hill, I turned to look back.In the distance we could see a small boat riding the crests of the waves.Beyond the harbour low waves formed, their crests as livid as sapphires.The night was clear, and arched up from the hills with a new moon rising over their crests.crest ofThe planes flew in over the crest of the mountain.school/family crestI think it's from a family crest.Note the family crest of a crown and an eight-pointed star, symbolizing their alleged descent from one of the three kings.The modelling of these moors - a reference to the family crest - repays study.