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crycry2 ●●○ W3 noun (plural cries) πŸ”Š πŸ”Š 1 sound expressing emotion [countable]SHOUT a loud sound expressing a strong emotion such as pain, fear, or pleasure πŸ”Š a baby’s crycry of pain/alarm/delight etc πŸ”Š Alice let out a cry of alarm.let out/give a cry πŸ”Š The stone hit him on the forehead and he gave a sharp cry.2 shout [countable]SHOUT a shouted word or phrasecry of πŸ”Š At last, there was a cry of β€˜Silence!’, and everyone looked towards the door.cry for πŸ”Š Fortunately, a passerby heard his cries for help.3 tears [singular] especially British EnglishCRY a period of time during which tears come out of your eyes, usually because you are unhappy πŸ”Š It’s good to have a cry sometimes. πŸ”Š I felt much better after I’d had a good cry (=cried for a long time).4 β†’ cry for help5 phrase [countable]UNITE a phrase that is used to unite people in support of a particular action or idea syn slogan πŸ”Š β€˜Land and Liberty’ was the rallying cry of revolutionary Mexico. β†’ battle cry(1), war cry6 animal/bird [countable]HBA a sound made by a particular animal syn call πŸ”Š the cries of seagulls overhead β†’ be a far cry from something at far2(5), β†’ in full cry at full1(22), β†’ hue and cryCOLLOCATIONSphrasesa cry of pain/despair/delight etcA rock was loose and he fell with a sharp cry of surprise.a cry escapes somebody/sb’s lipsA cry escaped her lips as he tightened his grip on her wrist.verbsgive a cryThe woman looked up and gave a cry of fear.let out/utter a crySeeing the fields and mountains, she let out a cry of delight.adjectivesa small/little cryThe child gave a small cry and burst into tears.a loud crya loud cry of paina great cry literary (=a loud cry)With a great cry they charged into battle.a sharp cry (=loud, short, and sudden)He gave a sharp cry of pain.a low cry (=not loud or high)I heard a long, low cry of despair.a strangled/stifled cry (=that stops before it is finished)The girl gave a stifled cry of disappointment.a muffled cry (=that cannot be heard clearly)I thought I heard a muffled cry from somewhere in the building.an anguished/agonised cry (=full of distress)She gave an anguished cry, calling his name.
Examples from the Corpus
cryβ€’ All at once I felt the ground moving under my feet, and cries issuing from it.β€’ From below there were the hoarse confused cries of the mob.β€’ A distant cry can be heard issuing from a classroom.β€’ It is a far cry from most people's idea of accountants at work.β€’ That seems a far cry from just a few years ago when the only diesels were lorries, buses and the occasional taxi.β€’ A far cry from the 40,000 they were promising.β€’ You'll feel better when you've had a good cry.β€’ "Land and liberty" was the rallying cry of revolutionary Mexico.β€’ We heard a child's cries for help coming from the river.β€’ As they left the stage there were cries of "More! More!"cry of pain/alarm/delight etcβ€’ He flicked the light-switch, and Isobel, who loved cars, gave a cry of delight.β€’ But when he uncovered the picture, he gave a cry of pain.β€’ Behind him Hrun screamed, but it sounded more like a bellow of rage than a cry of pain.β€’ There was a cry of pain.β€’ With one last blinding cry of pain she brushed past him and ran from the room.β€’ He stumbled, and lay in agony, his cries of pain clearly audible around a now-hushed ground.β€’ Grunts, laughter, thuds, slaps, cries of pain and more grunts continued.β€’ According to another speculation, vocal language gradually evolved from spontaneous cries of pain, pleasure, or other emotions.cry ofβ€’ We heard a distant cry of warning.β€’ From below came the hoarse cries of the injured workers.β€’ the cries of seagullshave a cryβ€’ I could have cried had our situation not been so serious.β€’ She felt so ineffective, she could have cried.β€’ And during that year I have cried alone in secret too many times to count.β€’ I have cried for Sybil, yes, but I can not cry today.β€’ I may have cried down the telephone, but Mme Dragon wouldn't unbend.β€’ She may have cried a good deal without understanding why.β€’ I must have cried out, for I attracted the attention of my husband.β€’ If he could have known that he was a workhouse orphan, perhaps he would have cried even more loudly.rallying cryβ€’ This rhetoric offers both a posthoc justification for the changes, and a rallying cry for implementation.β€’ They both hated orthodoxies and bandwagons, catch-phrases and rallying cries.β€’ Public order is an election rallying cry and fear of crime can influence practice as well as policy.β€’ Self-denial and self-help, however, would make a poor rallying cry for the hustings.β€’ It has been a radical rallying cry ever since Lenin laid it down as doctrine.β€’ Newspapers sometimes appeared to be providing the rallying cry for future demonstration.β€’ That was the rallying cry of Nelson Mandela's finely crafted speech.