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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdachshunddachs‧hund /ˈdæksənd, -sʊnd/ noun [countable]  HBADHPa type of small dog with short legs and a long body
Examples from the Corpus
dachshundI am alone in my excessively white house with a wire-haired dachshund for company.She was asleep in her small Fiat car outside her detached bungalow, her dachshund at her side.Munchkins do not have the abnormally long backbones that dachshunds have.The dachshund had his feet splayed out on the sidewalk.The dachshund skidded forward a few inches on the sidewalk.This dachshund was finished, no matter what.Hastily jog-trotting to his house he pushed the two dachshunds into the hall and shut the door again.The two dachshunds which accompanied him everywhere, followed with surprising speed.