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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishelkelk /elk/ noun (plural elk) [countable]  1 HBA British English a very large brown North American, European, and Asian animal with wide flat horns syn moose American English2 American English a large North American deer
Examples from the Corpus
elkShe is here carved riding in a car drawn by elks.I will try to smell like an elk.With few bears and wolves about these days, elk rule their forest habitat.Many Nez Perce warriors carried a sacred war-club like this, with a stone head encased in elk rawhide.Equality in access to Montana elk is not basic to the maintenance or well-being of the Union.Background: Montana, our fourth largest state but with a sparse population, is home to large herds of elk.Look, here are some elk and here's the camp, the hunting camp with tipis.There was also the elk head.