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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishexcretaex‧cre‧ta /ɪkˈskriːtə/ noun [plural, uncountable]  formalHBAHBH the solid or liquid waste material that people and animals produce and get rid of from their bodies
Examples from the Corpus
excretaAll excreta is eventually metabolized, often by forms of life that are very different from those that produced it.Nothing on day three, but watch for fish excreta.They do not feed on fish excreta and waste matter.On one occasion excreta was placed in the fridge and there was an unexplained minor fire.Many prisoners spread their cell walls with their own excreta.Another example is the water-borne pathogen Cryptosporidium, a minute organism found in the excreta of farm animals.Fish package their excreta into a thin gelatinous tube before disposal.