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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishfelinefe‧line1 /ˈfiːlaɪn/ adjective  1 HBArelating to cats or other members of the cat family, such as lions2 HBAlooking like or moving like a cat She moves with feline grace.
Examples from the Corpus
felineSince competitive cat shows began, there has been a third selection pressure operating on feline coat colours - that of purification.Yet we are always doing this, because we so like to enjoy contemplating the beauty of our feline companions.She heard the prebendary's cat from next door weeping in feline fright.I hear the thump of the cat flap as Cat O'Fun tumbles through it without the feline grace of his fellows.A feline grin spread over his face.He kept silent, a feline grin spreading across his face.It is hard, at first, to make any sense out of the reports that exist in the feline literature.She held her head proudly and, even before she moved, conveyed a feline quality of grace and languor.