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femalefemale2 ●●● W3 noun [countable]  1 HBAan animal that belongs to the sex that can have babies or produce eggs opp male2 WOMANa woman or girl opp male As a group, females performed better on the test than males.see thesaurus at woman3 a plant that produces flowers or fruit opp male
Examples from the Corpus
femaleAdult males came in at 10 hours a week, adult females and college students at 9 hours, teen-agers at 7.The co-operation is understandable in evolutionary terms as the males and females in a single-female syconium are brothers and sisters.Was this the treatment Roman meted out to any female who presumed a little too much, grew a little too possessive?Each species chooses to exploit the senses that its females are best at detecting.The male then chases the female away.One of the females put the last tray on a trolley and wheeled it past Masklin.The female of the species performs her mating dance.The trained females who have calves at foot keep their young with them as they work.