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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishgorillago‧ril‧la /ɡəˈrɪlə/ noun [countable]  1 HBAa very large African monkey that is the largest of the apes2 a man who is very large and who looks as if he might become violent
Examples from the Corpus
gorillaLike ya bin dressed by a gorilla inna dark.In chimpanzees and gorillas, the total is less than a standard sheet of typing paper.Pause here for gorilla joke: A man is walking down Oxford Street with a gorilla on each arm.Starkly primeval, it resembles the head of a giant gorilla!One of Jewontin's examples concerns the brain-size of gorillas and chimpanzees.The first motion picture from Jim Henson Pictures centers on a cute little simian child who becomes an 800-pound gorilla.As semi-podunk semi-newspapers go, Wick Communications is something of a 900-pound gorilla.