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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishgreyhoundgrey‧hound /ˈɡreɪhaʊnd/ noun [countable]  DHPHBAa type of thin dog that can run very fast and is used in races
Examples from the Corpus
greyhoundMine were always the breed of Norfolk lurcher, a cross between a Smithfield and a greyhound.He has filled the lanes on the fast break with Kevin Garnett in what looks like a greyhound race.It is a little-known fact that Laura owned a greyhound at the age of eleven.A greyhound cocked his leg against the table and was promptly shooed away.Guccione said the number has declined over the years partly because the number of greyhounds being bred each year is falling.Fed-up with watching greyhounds chase a stuffed rabbit?The move would not interfere with greyhound racing and would leave the old Plough Lane football ground available for redevelopment.