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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishharehare1 /heə $ her/ noun (plural hare or hares) [countable]  HBAan animal like a rabbit but larger, which can run very quickly
Examples from the Corpus
hareThe only terminal casualty of this extraordinary occurrence, apart from the aeroplane, was a hare which it struck on landing.But hare and even the odd gazelle were available locally.As her scythe moved mechanically through the bean field, a sandy-colored hare was startled out of its hiding place.Then he took off in fast flight, and l saw him in vigorous chase after a snowshoe hare.And the rich, savoury smell of the hare drifted down to meet her, turning her stomach.Wild hare, unfortunately, is quite difficult to find.Younger hares take well to marinating and roasting rare; older ones need to be braised or stewed.