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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishhindquartershind‧quar‧ters /ˈhaɪndˌkwɔːtəz $ -ˌkwɔːrtərz/ noun [plural]  HBAthe back part of an animal with four legs
Examples from the Corpus
hindquartersIn a trot the forequarters and hindquarters are mutually co-ordinated while the back remains level, firm and relatively motionless.The Rat's eyes had grown redder, and its hindquarters were bunching.Instead of scraping away at its hindquarters it can now kill the rabbit.The poor creature lifted itself up on its wobbly front legs and then dragged its hindquarters behind it.Larger animals with the speed and power to escape are grappled by the hindquarters until the leopard can seize the throat.Then Herb, Junior, had taken his bow and arrow and wounded one of the beasts in the hindquarters.Gentle pressure over the hindquarters as shown may first be necessary to evoke the required response.Both animals had huge shrapnel wounds on their hindquarters.