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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishhippohip‧po /ˈhɪpəʊ $ -poʊ/ noun (plural hippos) [countable]  informalHBA a hippopotamus
Examples from the Corpus
hippoLike a bird on the back of a hippo, Hotchkis is happily going along for the symbiotic ride.Whales and hippos may not much resemble each other nowadays, but retain some hints of kinship.Jungle Cruise: What: A boat, a river, animatronic hippos and you.This made it liable to punctures from rocks-as happened with Corsair-floating debris, or even hippos and crocodiles.See how stingy those fat hippos are: hardly anything good left!Day 8 Lake Baringo Join the launch trip on the lake to see hippo, crocodile and bird life.The pictures of the hippo and the little boy resonate against all the other unseen pictures of harem girls.Whilst they are not obscenely fat, yet, they are well on their way to hippo status.