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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishhoghog1 /hɒɡ $ hɑːɡ, hɒːɡ/ noun [countable]  1 especially American EnglishHBA a large pig that is kept for its meatboar, sow2 go the whole hog3 go hog wild4 informalGREEDY someone who takes too much of something that should be shared syn pig You greedy hog! road hog
Examples from the Corpus
hogDon't be such a hog.When living high on the corporate hog, you learn to spend as much as possible.There was my car, like a mad old hog caught in mid-spasm, its snout and tusks crushed and steaming.The lowland races, though, are not much larger than the red river hog.And a couple of times a year, they would slaughter the hogs or heifers that provided year-round protein.Ellen, you want to go to the sheep barn or to the hogs?He shuddered, reminded for some reason of a debris tIed hog.And when you've claimed that much land, why not go the whole hog and put a roof over it as well.The Siemens display goes the whole hog.