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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishhoofhoof1 /huːf $ hʊf, huːf/ ●●○ noun (plural hoofs or hooves /huːvz $ hʊvz, huːvz/)  1 bull.jpg HBA[countable] the hard foot of an animal such as a horse, cow etc2 on the hoof
Examples from the Corpus
hoofBut horses have yet to evolve a hoof suitable for constant wear on hard surfaces or rough stony tracks.Deer are supposed to be quiet creatures, but this one made a sound, each hoof crisp on the asphalt.Except for a lame and swollen front hoof, the bull appeared fine, if dazed by all the commotion.The sound of a horse in harness, of its hoof idly striking a stone!In one of these potholes, Estrelita's front right hoof became trapped.While fitzAlan hefted the grey's hoof and set to work, she glanced about, absently patting Chalon's velvety muzzle.