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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishhumphump1 /hʌmp/ noun  1 [countable]CFROUND a large round shape that rises above the surface of something the hump of a hill2 speed/traffic humps3 camel.jpg [countable]HBA a raised part on the back of a camel4 [countable]MI a raised part on someone’s back that is caused by an unusually curved spinehunchback5 be over the hump6 give somebody the hump/get the hump
Examples from the Corpus
humpThe car has a big hump in the middle of the rear floor, because of the rear-wheel drive mechanism.Even with the magnification of a monocular, I can barely make out indistinct humps gliding through the darkening water.I sat down on its rounded hump.Ahead, two small humps of islands lay stunned with light.Once the personal-computer industry gets over that hump, there will finally be speed to burn.For several hours we explored the island, two humps of rock, spectacularly eroded, joined by a narrow ridge.