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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishkangarookan‧ga‧roo /ˌkæŋɡəˈruː◂/ noun (plural kangaroos) [countable]  joey.jpg HBAan Australian animal that moves by jumping and carries its babies in a pouch (=a special pocket of skin) on its stomachmarsupial
Examples from the Corpus
kangarooBilly's short legs kept getting tangled in the heather, so he bounced along like a kangaroo through the springy tufts.But only the lucky and the sharp-eyed will catch sight of a kangaroo.Wooden horses and kangaroos and chickens went round and round also, a few of them with children on their backs.Out of Canberra you can see wombats, possums and kangaroos at dusk if you leave the main road.For jarrah, wheat and giant kangaroos the conflict is obvious.At the Desert Garden Hotel, the buffet line is digging into kangaroo stew.She raves over the low cholesterol content of kangaroo and it's distinctive, sweet taste.For Gordon Griggs, professor of zoology at Queensland University, the kangaroo issue has become a cause.