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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishkidkid1 /kɪd/ ●●● S1 W2 noun  1 [countable] informalCHILD a child She’d always loved animals since she was a little kid. He’s married with three kids. A neighbor volunteered to keep an eye on the kids (=their children or the children they are responsible for).see thesaurus at childRegisterKid is informal. For formal or written styles use child: Research suggests that children from abusive families are likely to repeat violent behaviour.2 [countable] informalYOUNG a young person college kids3 [countable usually singular] used by adults to address a person who is younger than them Hey kid, come here.4 kid’s stuff5 HBATIM a) [countable] a young goat b) [uncountable] very soft leather made from the skin of a young goat a pair of white kid boots6 kid gloves
Examples from the Corpus
kidI remember the good things about a kid and he showed that tonight.He was kind to her as a kid.Don't be so hard on him - he's just a kid.I tried out for the swim team when I was a kid.Jamie's a bright kid.All I ever wanted was to get married and have kids.But New York has my friends and now it's got my kid.The older kids were at school and two of the women had taken the younger ones to the park.Billy is Paul O'Brien's kid, isn't he?Could you look after the kids this evening?Who's the kid in the blue jacket over there?Tell the kids next door to turn down their music.Most of these kids live in this neighborhood and are surrounded by gangs and drugs.We have two kids in high school now.When we were kids, we used to spend practically the whole summer outdoors.I really enjoy working with kids.I told Mike today that I feel like a young kid.the kidsA folk field, a blues field, and a jump field for the kids.Instead of saying no, they let the kids have it.Or maybe the kids will have to work with it first and then show Mom and Dad.Many of the kids who are out there making music don't necessarily want a record deal.He could take care of it when one of the kids got in trouble with the police.Tell the kids to wash their hands and come in here when the programme's ended.I knew that I wanted the kids to be good thinkers, to use their minds, to like school.If it doesn't work I know now I can re-establish things with myself and with the kids.