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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishkoalako‧a‧la /kəʊˈɑːlə $ koʊ-/ (also koala bear / $ .ˈ.. ˌ./) noun [countable]  HBAan Australian animal like a small grey bear with no tail that climbs trees and eats leaves
Examples from the Corpus
koalaIs that Troy Aikman or a koala with lower digestive difficulties looking so uncomfortable on the Dallas sideline?A koala, who was the loser in a treetop fight, fell 10m and knocked himself out.There are koalas hanging from street signs.Pandas, teddies, koalas - we love them all.The koala clung to a eucalyptus.The koalas faded and their place was taken by a studio discussion about threatened habitats and imperilled creatures.