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litterlitter2 verb  1 [transitive] (also litter up)UNTIDY if things litter an area, there are a lot of them in that place, scattered in an untidy way Clothes littered the floor.litter something with something The desk was littered with papers.2 be littered with something3 [intransitive, transitive]RUBBISH/WASTE to leave waste paper, cans etc on the ground in a public place4 [intransitive] technicalHBABABY/HAVE A BABY if an animal such as a dog or cat litters, it gives birth to babies→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
litterThe sign says, "Please do not litter."Shreds of plastic, old iron, glass, animal bones littered both sides of the path.Dirty plates littered the kitchen.Although telephone lines to the city remain severed, a Sarajevo radio reporter said corpses littered the pavement next to the town hall.Although the pet database is littered with a cat entry here and there, cat registration is not required in San Francisco.The breeze fanning in off the ocean was dense with brine and the beach was littered with debris.The yard in front of the cottage was littered with discarded buckets, an old bath, a mangle and a pile of driftwood.Stirling himself took over his brother's flat again where the floor would be littered with maps and bits of equipment.