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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishlugwormlug‧worm /ˈlʌɡwɜːm $ -wɜːrm/ noun [countable] British English  HBAa small worm that lives in sand by the sea, often used to catch fish
Examples from the Corpus
lugwormIt is fair to warn anglers that thousands of crabs soon make short work of rag and lugworm.Dungeness beach yielded dabs to black lugworm.Ragworm was again the successful bait fished over the extensive lugworm beds at Evening Hill.It's the water's coat-of-Joseph and its Nessus-shirt only the hardy survive: odd pink bivalves mottled crabs, incorrigible lugworms.Rag, lugworm, whites, peeler crabs, whelks, shrimps, cockles and even odd razor-fish can be collected.The lugworms may be lagging a long way behind, but perhaps their time may come?The lugworms, in any case, Willis had told them, were better on Limehouse Reach.