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malemale2 ●●● W3 noun [countable]  1 HBAa male animal opp female The male is usually bigger and more brightly coloured than the female.see thesaurus at man2 MANa man opp female Police described her attacker as a white male aged about 25.
Examples from the Corpus
maleMales under 25 have a higher accident rate.The film is a brilliant analysis of the typical American male.Competition among males for mates is stronger in polygamous than in monogamous species.When officers approached the car, both males fled.Haemophilia is a condition found only in males.The obstinate refusal of many males to support gun control is not chiefly a product of conditioning by the weapons industry.In other words, some males are extraordinarily successful while others may never mate.At all three the female was on the nest, and the male perched nearby in the trees.One of the key things for the male is to time his departure from the first female correctly.The male uses its light to find receptive female fireflies.The male has two long tail streamers, and females prefer the males with the longest streamers.